15 Postpartum Must-Haves for Breastfeeding Mamas

  1. Earth mama nipple butter
  2. Helps to heal those dry, cracked and bleeding nipples - fast!

  3. Baby tracker app and Project 365 app
    This baby tacker app comes with a disclaimer. I found it extremely helpful with my first son, especially to keep track of feedings (length and which side he last ate) while learning the routine of breastfeeding. But, after my second son I found that I only used the app until he made it back to his birth weight and then I stopped. It caused me anxiety instead of being helpful. And definitely don’t use it if you are not Type A – it will likely not be helpful. The Project 365 app is so fun – you upload a photo of your baby every day for a year and then it creates a fun video for you as a keepsake!

  4. Adult diapers + pads with wings
    Any adult diapers should work and then you can transition to pads with wings when the bleeding slows.

  5. Mattress pad
    If you don’t already have one of these on your bed, you may want to invest in one! You will leak milk a LOT, and also a lot of women (like me) have terrible night sweats, similar to the extreme ones experienced during menopause!

  6. Flushable wipes

  7. Auden nursing bra - This bra without underwire is my favorite for nursing when you want a “real” bra underneath your clothes and not a bralette or sports bra.

  8. Natori pajamas
    Comfy, soft and lightweight! Treat yourself to something new and cozy.

  9. Nursing gowns
    My favorite are from Nesting Olive and Dwell + Slumber. And the best part? I still wear them when I'm not pregnant – they are cute and comfy.

  10. Water bottle
    Sometimes while breastfeeding you have an INTENSE thirst. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to buy a new water bottle?! Here’s our fave.

  11. Hands free pumping bra
    You’ll find this comes in handy a LOT.

  12. Prenatals + calcium with Vitamin D
    I like these prenatal gummies that actually taste good.

  13. Tucks medicated cooling pads + a stool softener

  14. Extra strength Tylenol (for pain) + ibuprofen (for inflammation)

  15. Nursing Pillow
    Our favorite is the My Breast Friend.

  16. Baby Book
    You'll want to have this super user-friendly baby book ready when you get home! The entire book is guided with easy fill-ins and places for photos – so you may ACTUALLY complete your baby's book and not just talk about it.

Psst... here is our favorite recipe for those breastfeeding munchies – Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. And oats are good for milk production, so calories don't matter, right?

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