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about our photography

Fun fact: Most of our photography is taken by us! Occasionally, we use imagery provided to us from wholesalers. However, we strive for the majority of our photography to come organically from us.

We also have the privilege of working with and supporting a local photographer, Trisha Couch. She is incredibly talented and we highly recommend her. 

Trisha created Photography Inspired by TLC over 10 years ago with the intention of capturing warm, organic portraits for fun-loving, nostalgic families who want a completely stress-free, "done for you" experience. Everything from styling your session, to learning how best to photograph your child(ren), to delivering beautiful tangible art for your home. Trisha takes care of everything for you, so you have real memories you love decorating your home with.

meet some of our models

Name: Skylar Virginia

Favorite Food:
Milkshakes (homemade obvi)

Favorite Pastimes: Cuddling with my fluffy doodle

Favorite Toy: My toes!

Can't Function Without: Long walks – so soothing!

Any siblings or pets? Blakely (3), Jordan (1), and Griffey doodle 

Looks more like mom or dad? Mama – the only Gurr baby that looks like mom 

Most likely future career: Real estate or medical device sales – it’s a toss up!



Gigi & Poppi – Meet the Models (Eva)Name: Eva Grace

Favorite Food: Salmon!

Favorite Pastimes: Climbing anything and everything, working hard to be part of ALL the action

Favorite Toy: Anything big sister is playing with

Can't Function Without: My bunny blankie

Any siblings or pets? Big sister Hallie and golden retriever Bear

Looks more like mom or dad? MOM!

Most likely future career: Anything where I can socialize and work with people. Maybe a speech therapist like mama! :)

Gigi & Poppi – Meet the Models (Maya)

Name: Maya Grace

Favorite Food: Prunes!

Favorite Pastimes: Eating my toes and sucking my thumb

Favorite Toy: I love my bouncer and jumping up and down

Can't Function Without: Mama's milk

Any siblings or pets? Two fur doggy brothers – Reese & Brody 

Looks more like mom or dad? It depends on who you ask

Most likely future career: Probably a model with all of this modeling!

Name: Mason Walter

Favorite Food: Corn on the cob, strawberries and bananas

Favorite Pastimes: Clapping and dancing to Brothers Osborne, pointing and asking "What's this? What's this?", tubby time, watching Wreck-It Ralph, listening to the Ghostbusters theme song on repeat, going on walks with Gigi, playing fetch with Bentley, dropping toys down the back of my onesie at daycare to avoid sharing with my friends, climbing, scooting, reading with Mommy and Daddy before bed

Favorite Toy: Kevin the Crocodile (bath toy)

Can't Function Without: The Ghostbusters theme song... calms even the worst tantrums

Any siblings or pets? 3-year-old miniature poodle named Bentley

Looks more like mom or dad? Looks like mama... acts like dada!

Most likely future career: A designer - Fashion? Graphic? Interior? I love looking at different colors and feeling different textures, a musician (mom and dad say I have rhythm), a chef (I love watching my parents in the kitchen!)

Gigi & Poppi – Meet the Models (Riley)Name: Riley Ann

Favorite Food:
Fruit and french toast

Favorite Pastimes: Giving hugs & kisses, dancing with mommy, playing outside (loves swimming in summer) 

Favorite Toy: Stuffed animals and books

Can't Function Without: Food (I'm hungry all the time)

Any siblings or pets? Brother, sister, and dog

Looks more like mom or dad? Mostly dad with mom's eyes

Most likely future career: Model or librarian (I'm obsessed with all kinds of books)


Name: Rowen Mae

Favorite Food: Any fruit! Blueberries, bananas, apples

Favorite Pastimes: Picking out outfits with mom in the morning, spinning around to make myself dizzy, painting, throwing tantrums in the kitchen

Favorite Toy: Remotes... so I can hide them places

Can't Function Without: Harper, my German Shepherd 

Any siblings or pets? Only fur sibs so far: Harper, my pup, and Haddie, my kitty

Looks more like mom or dad? Changes by the day... you tell me!

Most likely future career: Boss babe


Name: Mason John Dean

Favorite Food: 
Fruit, Goldfish, hot dogs, mac n cheese, yogurt – basically anything I can get my hands on

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my "hars" (cars) and choo choos, playing "chase" with the dogs or mom and dad, being outside, dancing

Favorite Toy: Any of my "hars"

Can't Function Without: Food (I am a bottomless pit), my squishy guys (Squishmallows) & mama (very attached)

Any siblings or pets? Little brother on the way, Brooke & Bayley (dogs)

Looks more like mom or dad? I'm a good mix but most people say Dad (and Gigi! I have her blonde hair and blue eyes)

Most likely future career: Something with engineering/building or a competitive eater


Name: Marie Alexandra

Favorite Food: Bananas!

Favorite Pastimes: Eating my toes and rolling

Favorite Toy: Spinning wheel toy

Can't Function Without: My big sister

Any siblings or pets? Sister: Julianne (2.5 years old) and I love my cat, Clark

Looks more like mom or dad? A perfect mix of both!

Most likely future career: Mathematician

Gigi & Poppi – Meet the Models (Ollie)

Oliver Edward

Favorite Food:
 Any and all berries

Favorite Pastimes: Carrying a can of tomato soup around the house

Favorite Toy: Anything my big brothers are playing with

Any siblings or pets? Maddie, Alex, Liam and our doggie Mitzy

Looks more like mom or dad? Mom

Most likely future career:  Undetermined


We are always looking for fresh faces for our site! Do you have a baby/toddler aged 0-24 months old and are located in Cincinnati? Email us at with subject line: MODEL to get in touch! Our models' mamas get five high-resolution photos from the shoot of their little ones, along with a coupon code to use to shop!