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Gigi & Poppi | Our Story

love and loss

Gigi & Poppi was born from the love and strength we found in one another after losing two powerful father figures in our lives. In the span of a few short years, we unexpectedly lost our father, John, and our stepfather, Kim. Then we both became first-time mothers. Motherhood was a huge milestone we never imagined navigating without the wisdom of our dads.

Amidst the monumental heartache, we leaned on each other for the strength, courage and comfort that once came from them. As we began to put back the pieces of our lives in this new reality, this business was dreamt up between nap times, long walks and cousin playdates.

joy from pain

Inspired by our dad’s entrepreneurial spirit and Kim’s devotion as a high-risk obstetrician, Gigi & Poppi came to life. This shop is a tribute to two men in our life who were taken from us too soon, and who made us the women we are today.

Gigi & Poppi has been a joyful outlet for both of us and has strengthened our sisterhood. We hope you love it as much as we do. We invite you on this crazy journey with us – as sisters, moms, and now business partners. Thank you for shopping small and supporting us. We are so glad you’re here.

Jordan & Sydney



the story behind our name

Our step-dad, Kim, was a brilliant high-risk obstetrician who saved numerous lives of both moms and babies throughout his career. He left a legacy of love and devotion to his patients as well as being an incredible "Poppi" to his eight (soon to be ten) grandchildren.

The grandbabies all call our mother, Whittney, "Gigi," so it felt fitting to name the shop "Gigi & Poppi" since we sell baby clothes, and also as a way to honor Kim, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer only 11 short weeks after receiving his prognosis. He was incredibly selfless and one of our greatest inspirations.