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Gigi & Poppi is a boutique online shop with thoughtfully curated, limited-release collections of baby and toddler clothes and accessories.

We believe in minimal, beautiful design and we have cozy, timeless essentials for your baby's wardrobe. It's everyday wear – elevated! We hope you find joy in this space, as we strive to bring you lovable, well-designed pieces and support the neonatal and maternal communities in the process.

sister, sister

We are Jordan & Sydney — a sister duo with a passion for drinking good (strong) coffee and dressing up our kiddos. We live ten minutes apart and see each other almost every day. We are proud Cincinnatians through and through and have lived on the east side our whole lives. We are five years apart in age, but best friends. Check out our bios below to learn more about the faces behind Gigi & Poppi.


Gigi & Poppi


Gigi & Poppi | Meet Sydney

meet sydney

co-founder & mama to Maya

I am the younger (more spoiled) sister in this duo. Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be two things: a mom and a fashion designer. I played “house” with my babies until a very questionable age (don’t judge me) and in preschool, I was dubbed the “most likely to be a fashion designer,” (I still have that certificate, btw).

passion for fashion

My love story with fashion truly began when I was nine years old. I fondly remember the first time I fell head over heels over a pair of shoes. My dad took me to New York City, and as if the fast-paced city and dazzling lights weren’t enough, I quickly became an avid window shopper with an eye for high-end fashion.

Walking past one particular store, my eyes locked onto a pair of 5-inch, pink stilettos. I begged my Dad for them, and he grudgingly agreed (hence: more spoiled sister.) But there was one condition: I had to wear them around the city that day. And that’s the story of 9-year-old me rocking her first pair of stilettos in the Big Apple. 

modern mama

Fast forward many, many years later and I am now a 27-year-old mama to a spicy six-month old girl named Maya and finally pursuing my love for fashion, hence Gigi & Poppi. I graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a degree in Strategic Communications and I have five years of retail management experience. 

When I’m not playing dress up with Maya, I am feeding Maya. I am playing with Maya. I am changing Maya. I am teaching Maya. JK! I have a life other than Maya, of course!

I love to dance and I’m a wanna-be hip hop dancer. My favorite artist is Drake. I love interior design, photography and architecture. I’m a huge dog lover and I have two dogs, Reese and Brody. I’m a Cincinnati native and love supporting local-especially women-owned businesses!

I get by with wine, Dateline, long baths and the love of my sweet husband! I’m so excited to take this journey with you!

Gigi & Poppi

Gigi & Poppi | Meet Jordan

meet jordan

co-founder & mama to Mason


I am the older (wiser) sister in this duo, Jordan. My friends and family call me Jay. At a very young age I had a love for creating, drawing and painting. I remember the year I got my drawing desk and "suitcase" of markers, pens and paints. I was beyond excited. I didn't come out of my room all day. I used to write and illustrate my own books, create my own board games and scrapbook all of our family vacations.

design with purpose

I have a graphic design degree from the University of Cincinnati and am very passionate about the role design plays in our everyday life. I thrive on learning new things, working with my hands and collaborating with others. I believe in minimal, simple design that is beautiful AND practical.

When I’m not designing, I enjoy being outside in any capacity and creating new memories with my son Mason, my husband Mark and my two black labs, Brooke and Bayley. I love running, practicing hot yoga, reading, painting, camping/hiking, playing rec soccer, and trying new recipes.

I absolutely love to travel and have been to over a dozen countries. My husband and I got married on a beach with all of our closest family and friends, and four years later we are expecting baby number two due in February 2022!

future forward

I vow to teach my sons kindness and curiosity. I hope to encourage a love for travel and adventure, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a respect for opinions different than their own. I want them to grow up knowing they can do absolutely anything if they have the right attitude, work ethic and knowledge. Finally, I hope they have a deep respect for the strong women in their lives blazing a path for them.

I'm so excited for this endeavor, and so grateful for your support! Thanks for stopping by.