Start Here: 15 Baby Registry Essentials

These essential items are our absolute favorites in each category. If you start your list with these items, you should have all your bases covered for when baby gets here. A small note: don’t overdo it on your registry! If you ask for too many middle-range/low cost items, you won’t get the things you truly need! Remember, it’s easy for you to buy Tylenol and butt cream – but you may need help purchasing the big ticket items, so build your list around those!

  1. Mockingbird Single-To-Double Stroller
    WHY WE LOVE IT: This stroller is half the price of the UPPA baby stroller, but still falls into the “luxury” category and has a beautiful design aesthetic. If this is your first baby, you don’t have to buy the second seat kit right away, but it’s an option down the road. At that time, you can also purchase the infant insert so you can easily put your tiny new baby in the second seat. The stroller glides really smoothly and has lots of storage underneath. You can arrange the seat or seats in 19+ configurations! Also, the all-weather canopy is UPF 50+ to protect your littles.

  2. Hatch Baby Sound Machine
    WHY WE LOVE IT: Don’t you just love an item that over-performs and multi-tasks? This must-have is a sound machine, night light and has a time-to-rise setting for once your baby is a little bit older. It is also programmable and very easy to use.

  3. Snuggle Me Infant Lounger
    WHY WE LOVE IT: Snuggle Me is perfect as an extra set of “arms” to hold your baby when you need a minute – to unload the dishwasher, go to the bathroom, etc. or to practice tummy time, etc. Always supervise your child when using. Babies absolutely LOVE this lounger.

  4. Fisher Price Snug-a-Puppy Swing
    WHY WE LOVE IT: This swing was an absolute game changer. We used it every single day and have even preferred it over way more expensive swings. Both our boys loved it. It has two directional settings as well as music and several speeds. Hello, happy baby!

  5. Avent Natural Bottles
    WHY WE LOVE IT: After much experimenting and polling from other moms, this was the consensus on the best bottle to transition from breast to bottle. Note: there is a 0 Flow nipple that is great when the baby is VERY, VERY newborn, because it stops the flow of liquid when the baby is not sucking, which helps them eat at their own pace.

  6. Kiinde Milk Storage Kit
    WHY WE LOVE IT: If you are planning on breastfeeding, this system is a must! You can pump directly into the storage bags and feed directly from the same pouches with the Kiinde bottle attachments. Also comes with lay-flat milk storage for your freezer.

  7. Frida Baby Basics Kit
    WHY WE LOVE IT: We have personally used every item in this kit and can honestly say you will likely need all of them at some point. Help relieve gas pain and congestion for your baby, trim their nails and remove dry skin and cradle cap.

  8. Angelcare Baby Bath
    WHY WE LOVE IT: This baby bath is great when you have two kiddos, because you can put it straight into the tub with your older child to make bath time more efficient!

  9. Baby Bjorn Carrier
    WHY WE LOVE IT: Especially great for larger/taller husbands, this gender-neutral backpack carrier is easy to use and large enough for dad to use as well! Breathable mesh and super easy to adjust, no confusing straps or rings or tutorials to watch.

  10. Crib + Mattress
    WHY WE LOVE IT: if you have a smaller room, opt for a crib with changing table attached (like this one that we have from Walmart). We preferred a convertible crib because it is a smarter long-term investment, but I also like this super affordable and still aesthetically pleasing IKEA crib (It’s not convertible, but it’s only $99!)

  11. Car Seat
    Here’s the thing you might not realize about car seats - you have to get an infant car seat and then when they outgrow that one you will get a convertible car seat that will last longer. Kind of a bummer in terms of money spent! Especially if you have multiple cars. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a car seat, and we could spend a whole blog post on it! However we found a great resource on BabyList that has already done the research and describes in detail all the pros and cons!

  12. Halo Newborn Swaddle
    WHY WE LOVE IT: These swaddles are a parents dream to help their little ones sleep! The velcro makes it so easy to use and they come in a lightweight fabric for warmer months or fleece for colder months. We have several.

  13. Bassinet
    When it comes to bassinets, I’m a firm believer that they should be simple without a lot of extra features like rocking and vibrating. I think if you lull your baby to sleep with these types of features it makes your sleep training journey later much more difficult. They should be able to soothe themselves to sleep and it will make your life and your sleep so much easier down the road. I recommend the Halo Swivel Bassinet. Or, I had a Moses basket bassinet. It was pretty and it could be rocked manually if need be.

  14. Freshly Picked Convertible Diaper Bag Backpack
    WHY WE LOVE IT: So much storage – this bag has 10 pockets, including an insulated pocket for! The bag itself is made of vegan leather and easily wipeable. It can also be worn crossbody or as a backpack. It’s a diaper bag that doesn’t scream, “look at me I’m a mom and this is my diaper bag!” Instead, it is stylish AND practical – can’t get much better than that!

  15. Baby Bjorn Bouncer
    WHY WE LOVE IT: We love this bouncer because BABY loves this bouncer. Made of super soft, breathable cotton and jersey, this comfy seat will be baby’s new favorite place! It takes up very little space and can easily fold flat to be stored out of the way. It’s a great way for baby to “sit” up and see the world instead of laying flat all day, and the seat can be easily bounced with your foot to put them right to sleep.

We understand that this list is not completely comprehensive and that there will be plenty of other things you add to your registry. However, with these 15 essentials, you have the building blocks of a great list.

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