Strength in Sisterhood


The greatest thing about having a sibling is having a friend to do life with. No one else in your life has as many of the same experiences as you have with your siblings. Sydney and I are four and a half years apart – an age gap that seemed more significant when we were younger and completely irrelevant now that we are older. Of course, we fought like sisters do in those awkward years. But, as we experienced all the ups and downs that life threw at us, we soon realized that we were on the same team – and that we were experiencing a lot of life's hardships (and triumphs) together. Once we had this lightbulb moment, we began to see each other for the built-in best friend we had all along.


Gigi & Poppi was born from the love and strength we found in each other after losing two powerful father figures in our lives in the span of three short years. Unexpectedly losing our father and stepfather was an indescribably painful period of time, full of confusion and heartache. While coping with the grief and sadness that came with these deaths, we both also became mothers for the first time – a huge milestone we never imagined navigating without the wisdom of our dads.


As we began to put the pieces of our lives back together in this new reality, Gigi & Poppi slowly blossomed into more than just a dream. We decided that life is too short to not take chances. Between nap times, on long walks, cousin playdates and after the kids were asleep, Gigi & Poppi came to life. Inspired by our dad's entrepreneurial spirit and Kim's devotion to his patients as a high-risk obstetrician, Gigi & Poppi has been a joyful and creative outlet for both of us and has strengthened our sisterhood.


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